I've always loved to write and been a long-time keeper of a personal diary. My interest in writing for other people started in university, when I wrote a paper on Women Composers. This was later made into a radio series for RTÉ's Lyric FM, and was featured as part of their programme 'The Green Room' in 2001. It was my first professional commission as a writer and presenter, and I was quite bowled over that the series garnered Critics' Choice in the Irish Times for its duration. If you would like to listen to the series, please click here.

As well as the performing arts, I've long had a keen interest in politics and feminism, and these inform the starting points for many of my blogs found at the Huffington Post UK, Medium and my personal blog here. I've found through my writing and the feedback that I've got, that the world needs people like myself who have a deep interest in politics and can convey that to others in layman's terms. My mission, in terms of my writing is to elucidate and dispel the mystery that often surrounds politics so that people can make educated and informed choices, whatever those choices may be. This seems to me to be of profound importance at this particular point in history.

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