"Gráinne Gillis is an exquisite Gwendolen. She never lets up, and is outstanding even when called upon to do nothing - the mark of a truly talented performer." Sunday Times on "The Importance of Being Earnest" at the Everyman Theatre, Cork

 "Grainne Gillis, as Gwendolen, once again displayed a stage presence enlivened by a musical delivery with fine emphasis and discretion" - The Examiner on "The Importance of Being Earnest" at the Everyman Theatre, Cork

"Gráinne Gillis is superb as Peg" - Sunday Times on "Many Young Men of Twenty" at the Everyman Theatre, Cork

"Opportunist Widow Quin has to dominate her scenes too, and Grainne Gillis did just that as she holds centre stage when she sees things going her way" - The Examiner on "The Playboy of the Western World" at the Everyman Theatre, Cork

"...some remarkably confident clear delivery of lines by Grainne Gillis as Pope Joan and Top Girl Nell" - The Examiner on "Top Girls" at the Cork Arts Theatre

"...Margaret (Grainne Gillis) who curses and swears and stops the show with a performance of Wouldn't it be Loverly" - The Examiner on "Bazaar and Rummage" at the Cork Arts Theatre

"There is excellent work from...Gráinne Gillis as one of the leading workers" - What's On London on "Plebeians Rehearse the Uprising" at the Arcola Theatre, London

"...she has a fabulous counterpart in Gráinne Gillis as a blue-stockinged housewife moonlighting as a cabaret singer" - Time Out London on "Duckshove on the Cities on the Plain" at the White Bear Theatre, London

"...the very real Lee family headed by Gráinne Gillis' delightful, shrewdly-observed portrait of their mother" - Bristol Evening Post on "Cider With Rosie" at the New Vic Studio, Bristol

"At the centre of the production, however, is the superb Grainne Gillis as Mrs Lee. The role calls for an especially wide range of emotion and the captivating Ms Gillis makes the role her own." BBC Bristol - Going Out on "Cider with Rosie" at the New Vic Studio, Bristol

"...there are engaging cameos a-plenty from the likes of Grainne Gillis as various wives and widows..." - Venue on "Huckleberry Finn" at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol

"the enigmatic, religious Emilia (Grainne Gillis)....the strong cast are equal both to the robust comedy and to the philosophical debate" - British Theatre Guide on "The Anatomist", Eastern Angles (touring)

"...their somewhat inebriated mother, played superbly by Grainne Gillis" - The Stage on "The Dong with a Luminous Nose", London Bubble Theatre Company

"Grainne Gillis finds a vulnerability beneath Maddox's bounce" - The Stage on "An Eligible Man", New End Theatre, London


On radio: "Grainne Gillis presented "The Women Behind the Throne", about the wives of famous composers who also created music in their own right....Gillis conveys her information in an uncluttered manner, allowing the music to speak for itself, and the excerpts from the diaries of the two women provided a rare insight into the creative process and the mutual appreciation that inspired husband and wife" - The Sunday Times Critics' Choice on "Women Composers", the 4-part series I wrote and presented for Lyric FM - also Critics' Choice in the Irish Times for four weeks running.